Deferred-Use Tape Sealing

Deferred use sealing eliminates the need of double sided pressure sensitive tapes by applying pressure sensitive hot melt glue and silicone release liner in the same operation.  As a substitute for transfer tape, deferred-use seals can be less expensively created with a patented Valco Melton SealTak® System. By applying pressure-sensitive hot melt in ribbon, single-bead, multi-bead or spray form, silicone paper can be applied over the top to cover the adhesive. Because the cost of buying bulk adhesive and bulk silicone paper is far less than transfer tape, this option decreases production costs significantly. Regardless of speed, carton material or width, Valco Melton’s adhesive and paper application equipment coupled with a selection of quality-assurance products transform this manufacturing process into a profitable business opportunity. To learn more, contact us today.