Our Smart Melt series has the most compact design in the market. Achieving an accurate control of the glue applied and improving your manufacturing efficiency by reducing waste during the machine ramp up, and the excess of adhesive at machine stops. It provides a full pump speed control, based in grams per product, grams per square meter, or through volumetric closed-loop transducers.

What sets the Smart Melt Series apart is the possibility to perform system upgrades by simply adding Smart-Boxes as production demands change. There are 3 different upgrade kits available, which can be easily attached to the Melter at a later time, with no additional technical support required. Valco Melton’s smart solution will allow you to add up to 8 Flow Meters, 8 External pressure transducers, 8 Pumping Stations, or 16 extra heating channels to each tank!

Our engineering team has also developed the Smart Control HMI which centralizes the control of all the adhesive melting and dispensing units in your line. On this user-friendly touch screen, you will be able to visualize your complete line as well as each machine and configure the parameters needed for any specific application. The Smart Control will notify you whenever something is not working properly, allowing you to take corrective actions and avoid production stoppages as well as work with an array of different product recipes.