Beverage | Carton & Case Manufacturing

Valco Melton’s gluing solutions for high-speed beverage production lines are designed to maximize your production efficiency and increase overall product quality.

Our EcoStitch all-electric hot melt gluing solutions provide an unprecedented range of benefits for carton case manufacturers. With a cutting-edge design that eliminates compressed air and dynamic seals, EcoStitch completely bypasses the wear and tear that causes part failure and production downtime. The EcoStitch design also eliminates nozzle plugging by implementing a low-pressure large orifice structure that is impossible with traditional pneumatic solutions. All EcoStitch solutions can be fitted with integrated auto feed systems.

EcoStitch solutions allow manufacturers to immediately reduce adhesive consumption by up to 75% while maintaining a quality bonded product. This feature provides a quick ROI that further augments the value achieved by eliminating downtime and part failure.

High-speed beverage packing machines require accuracy, pressure control, consistency, and flexibility, and our EcoStitch solutions are closely tailored to these requirements. Using one of our D-Series melters equipped with a line speed variable pressure valve allows the glue system to ramp output pressure to increase or decrease depending on the speed of the parent machine. This is necessary on the low end to avoid cartons being flooded with too much glue and on the high end to ensure that there is sufficient pressure to prevent the adhesive from thinning. Our D-Series gear pump melter provides a consistent pressure to the MXM EcoStitch valves, dispensing adhesive cleanly and consistently without “angel hair” or the excess build-up commonly seen with traditional pneumatic systems.

EcoStitch solutions are universally compatible, meaning we can tailor our solution to best fit your production needs. If you prefer to continue using your current melter, we can provide applicator conversion kits that add on EcoStitch hoses, a driver, and MXM valves to provide many of the benefits of EcoStitch without an entire glue system replacement. Contact us here or get in touch with your local territory representative to learn more.