Wrap Around Cartoning – Case Sealing

Valco Melton’s hot melt gluing solutions for all types of wrap around package sealing applications. 

Valco Melton provides hot melt gluing solutions for all types of wrap-around package sealing applications. Our solutions are compatible with any type of wrap-around erector or sealer and integrate seamlessly with existing equipment and setups. Product offerings include applicator conversion kits, full system kits, and OEM conversion kits.

Traditional Pneumatic Hot Melt Solutions

Valco Melton offers a number of pneumatic hot melt solutions to fit your specific production needs. Our system solutions are designed to meet the quality, consistency, and efficiency requirements of all traditional packaging applications.

EcoStitch All Electric Hot Melt Solutions

Our EcoStitch all-electric hot melt gluing solutions provide an unprecedented range of benefits for your gluing applications. With a cutting-edge design that eliminates compressed air and dynamic seals, EcoStitch completely bypasses the wear and tear that causes part failure and production downtime. The EcoStitch design also eliminates nozzle plugging by implementing a low-pressure large orifice structure that is impossible with traditional pneumatic solutions. All EcoStitch solutions can be fitted with integrated auto feed systems.

EcoStitch solutions allow manufacturers to immediately reduce adhesive consumption by up to 75% while maintaining a quality bonded product. This feature provides a quick ROI that further augments the value achieved by eliminating downtime and part failure.

Melt On Demand Hot Melt Solutions

Valco Melton’s KUBE system features melt-on-demand technology. The KUBE is a “first in, first out” melter that is supplied with a fully-integrated auto feed system. This system keeps adhesive fresh and eliminates the char build-up and adhesive degradation common to traditional melters.

Our melt-on-demand solutions are well-equipped to meet the quality, consistency, and efficiency requirements of all traditional packaging applications. Explore the options below for more information on our product offerings.

These solutions feature the MXM electric valve, D series gear pump melters, VD2 EcoStitch drivers and other compatible peripherals such as hoses, nozzles and filters.   The EcoStitch solutions are industry standard compatible which allows us to tailor our solution to best fit your production needs.  Our applicator conversion kits allow you to use your existing melter but add on EcoStitch hoses/MXM applicators and a driver so you get most of the benefits of EcoStitch without having to replace the entire glue system.  If your existing melters are older, we can convert you to an OEM conversion that adds a melter to the applicator conversion for an entire solution upgrade.  The EcoStitch solution can also utilize the KUBE Melt On Demand melter for a Melt on Demand tank melter along with the benefits of the EcoStitch all electric applicators.

Melters: Applicators: Valve Drivers:

Our KUBE series melters are offered with two pumping options. Piston pump pneumatic and electric gear pump.  The KUBE can be mounted in three distinct configurations.  Flat Panel, Traditional square mount and Split Remote.  The Split Remote mount allows the user to place the heated portion of the system inside the machine making it much safer and removing the potential of burns by having the melter portion enclosed inside the parent machine.  The electrical control system is mounted remotely outside the machine so adjustments or programming can be done by the operator.  



Valve Drivers:

All of our pneumatic solutions feature industry compatible components such as pumps, filters, hoses, applicators, modules, nozzles and solenoids.  The MS and ME series applicators are identical to industry standard applicators traditionally used in the packaging industry and are easily adaptable to existing mounts and machines.  The MKF mini applicator is a smaller profile applicator that has optional “cool touch” covers are designed to fit into small spaces and be compatible with similar mini applicators used throughout the industry.



Valve Drivers:

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