08 Series Cold Glue Valve

  • Product Type:
    • Cold Glue Dispensing Equipment
    • Valves and Modules
  • Market Category:
    • Automotive
    • Automotive | Door Panel Assembly
    • Automotive | Gasket Manufacturing
    • Automotive | Roof Panel Assembly
    • Automotive | Weather Strip or Trim Assembly
    • Envelope
    • Envelope | Front Gumming
    • Specialized Product Assembly
    • Specialized Product Assembly | RV and Manufactured Housing
    • Tissue Paper Pulp
    • Tissue Paper Pulp | Pick-Up and Transfer Applications

The 08 Series Valve is a pneumatically operated, high-performance glue valve for contact or non-contact extrusion application. The design of the valve ensures a very high cycle rate and cycle life. The 08 Valve provides millions of cycles before servicing is necessary. Another advantage of the 08 Series Valve is its capacity to handle high fluid pressure and a range of fluid viscosity, from 500 to 20,000 cps. An assortment of application nozzles and adapters allows the 08 Series Valve to be used in a wide variety of applications including folding carton, corrugated lap gluing, cartoning, “sift-proof” and insect-proof gluing, window gluing, ribbon patterns, coating, and many other high-speed applications without limitation in viscosity.

Product Specifications

  • Designed for use with high-viscosity adhesives and/or high-pressure applications
  • Air-opened/spring-closed and may be used with any three-way solenoid air valve
  • Can be adapted to NPT glue input for use with low-pressure poly or reinforced vinyl tubing