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How It Works

BondChek Camera Inspection System

The BondChek Vision Inspection System includes a non-traditional compact camera/lighting unit arrangement to detect good/bad bonds on laminated or bonded non-woven webs. These can be elastic or non-elastic laminates or simple, bonded attachments. The targeted bonds under inspection would typically be a result of thermal bonding, pressure bonding, or ultrasonic bonding.  The system would be fully integrated into your production machine for accurate rejection and flagging of defective products or materials.

The system provides continuous monitoring, displaying defect statistics and trends while focusing on the health of the production process and reporting quality results of that performance. In a continuous material manufacturing process such as lamination, BondChek then produces a roll map and database for rewound material to record and mark the locations of defects on a finished roll.


The compact application includes a camera housing with integrated lighting, encoder and related drive components, blower, mounting brackets, and internal cabling.  An industrial PC and proprietary tracking hardware and software are included in a separate enclosure that can be connected to a protected network for remote support. All collected data remain on the local PC and are not transferred to a cloud location. Through the live trend analysis, the system dramatically reduces troubleshooting efforts and time over the process and raw materials.

    • • Stand-alone system including a local computer and tracking hardware
    • • Compact camera housing to fit in tight spaces and no need for traditional camera mount/distance
    • • Data and trend analysis-driven troubleshooting
    • • Monitoring the health of the production equipment
    • • Capable of inspecting discreet products such as masks and other disposable care products
    • • Remote support allows ClearVision engineers to consult

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