BoxChek7™ Inspection Software

  • Product Type:
    • Camera Inspection Systems
  • Market Category:
    • Corrugated
    • Corrugated | Flexo Folder-Gluers and Box Manufacturing
    • Corrugated | Specialty Folder-Gluers and Box Manufacturing

BoxChek7™ brings users complete information on production line performance in real time and indentifies defective gluing, folding, barcodes, print registration, corrugator scores, skewed sheets and other product defects. BoxChek7™ works alongside with ClearVision inspection systems, showing the user production data and images, such as job statistics, defect images and history bar, from a single screen. The software allows for the creation of graph charts for faster analysis.

Product Specifications

  • Combine up to 6 cameras and sensor groups
  • Minimize configuration times with the system's ability to learn the position of the cameras and sensors
  • Streamline support sessions using the online chat window
  • Work with traditional sensors if needed