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Epoxy Coated Pressurized Tank

  • Product Type:
    • Cold Glue Dispensing Equipment
    • Adhesive Tanks
  • Market Category:
    • Corrugated
    • Corrugated | Taper Systems
    • Packaging
    • Packaging | Labeling with Cold Glue
    • Packaging | Palletizing

Valco Melton’s 5-gallon epoxy-coated tank is most commonly used for applications where a 5 gallon pail of adhesive is the best solution to put in the pressurized container. Simply set a standard 5-gallon pail or adhesive inside and clamp down the lid. Tank options include stainless steel, 3, 7, and 12-gallon sizes.

Product Specifications

  • Tank sizes include 3, 7, and 12-gallons