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MCP-4J Adhesive Pattern Control

  • Product Type:
    • Micro-Processor Based Controls
    • Specialty
  • Market Category:
    • Corrugated
    • Corrugated | Bulk-Bin Manufacturing
    • Corrugated | Deferred-Use Tape Sealing
    • Corrugated | Flexo Folder-Gluers and Box Manufacturing
    • Corrugated | Pallet Manufacturing
    • Corrugated | Specialty Folder-Gluers and Box Manufacturing
    • Corrugated | Taper Systems

The Valco Melton MCP-4J represents the next generation of glue system pattern controls. The MCP-4J can be used with an extensive selection of Valco Melton’s cold-glue or hot melt adhesive dispensing valves including high-speed non-contact, spot gluing, fine-line gluing, and ribbon-pattern gluing. Suited to a range of applications from simple packaging requirements to complex high-speed converting requirements such as folding carton production, envelope manufacturing, book and magazine production, bag-making, and corrugated box-making.

Product Specifications

• Same user interface as MCP-4. • 4 Valve outputs • “Continuous” and “stitch” glue pattern capabilities • Glue pattern resolution to 0.01 inch or 1mm • Tip-sealer function • 4 Scanner inputs • 4 station jam preventer with relay and beacon outputs • 1 or 2 Encoder inputs • Adjustable minimum speed (machine jog override) • Automatic line voltage selection 100/115/200/230 VAC • Rugged magnetic button design provides more durable overlay touch panel • External EPC flow control • USB port for system backups and software updates • Micro SD card for data backup and job storage • RJ45 Ethernet port integration with BoxChek 7 inspection system • Pump feedback/diagnostics • Web break detection • Batch count