Beverage Cartons and Carrier Manufacturing

Beverage cartons and carriers are typically produced with standard carton material, printed and die-cut blanks are typically fed into a fold-gluer to be folded into the carrier’s flat shape. The manufacturer’s joint as well as dividers and flaps are glued into place during the folding process and often fold quality, die-cut and glue quality are inspected.

Cartons for the beverage industry are particularly challenging for the folder gluer and the adhesive system. In order to maximize production and reduce setup times, the CartonPRO® range of equipment fires up to 16 different valves in different locations and can back each one up with a quality assurance sensor. In addition, die cuts, flaps, double feeds and skew can be added to glue line inspection to ensure perfect boxes every time. A variety of marking, kicking and ejection methods work even for large boxes. To learn more, contact us today.