Carton Manufacturing for Consumer Goods

Cartons for general consumer use typically take simple forms and are produced at high speeds on advanced folder-gluers. Boxes for tissues, dry food products, etc. must be glued and folded accurately as they are invariably loaded into automated packaging machines.

Valco Melton’s adhesive dispensing and quality assurance equipment dispenses both hot and cold adhesives for cartons of all types of consumer products, including items in computers and electronics, dairy and juices, toys, photos, hardware, automotive, ice cream or frozen, as well as entertainment and multimedia products– even those used in packaging difficult materials such as foods, powders, soaps, tissues and more. Producing cartons for these large accounts can be challenging and requires reliable equipment that delivers accurate results day after day. Choose CartonPRO® equipment to apply adhesive accurately. Valco Melton equipment works with the most demanding adhesives from freezer grades to highly aggressive formulations for foil and plastic cartons. Follow the adhesive dispense with after-market ejection systems and full quality database support and you have the data to backup performance claims and refine your operations. To find out more, contact us today.