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Making 4 and 6 Corner Boxes

Making 4 and 6 Corner Boxes is one of the oldest styles of folding cartons. Four and six corner boxes are produced with front and back-fold wheels in a folder-gluer and require either 2 or 3 liquid adhesive valves across the machine. Sometimes cut-outs are included in the die-cut blanks and sometimes the blank is run through a window-patcher to apply a clear window before folding.

Four and six corner boxes for items such as bakery products are easy to setup and produce with Valco Melton’s CartonPRO® software and dispensing system. Valves can be easily moved in the machine and glue patterns configured and inspected within minutes during the quickest make-readies. Save complex job setups for recall at a moment’s notice. With inspection, distances are learned automatically so operator data entry is eliminated. To learn more, contact us today.