Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Carton Manufacturing

Cartons for the pharmaceutical industry are die-cut, folded and glued like most other typical paper cartons, but require a much higher level of quality inspection from simple bar-code mixed-copy detection to print quality inspection and individual track-and-trace serialization and inspection on the machine.

Keep up with the latest trends in pharmaceutical box manufacturing with barcode and 2D-code inspection, color code inspection, as well as track-and-trace serialization of cartons. Valco Melton’s CartonPRO® systems provide unmatched hot and liquid adhesive application and inspection for the most demanding speeds and carton types. Inspect glue, flap folds, double feeds, die cuts and eject non-conforming product with after-market ejectors. Check out the patented BrailleChek™ system for inspecting and translating braille dots on any carton substrate.