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Packaging Confectionary Goods

Confectionary boxes take a variety of forms from hand-made and paper-wrapped luxury chocolate boxes to simple wrap-around cartons. Chewing gum boxes are often produced on custom made machines that wrap the die-cut blank, fill it and glue it in one step. Other confectionary boxes are standard glue flap or tuck flap boxes. Exotic shapes like tapered, triangular and hexagonal boxes present special challenges for folder gluers that can require multiple runs through a machine.

Running high-value confectionary products requires the folder gluer to be set up perfectly in order to prevent the marking of boxes and the adhesive system to perform flawlessly, even when stitching and dotting. Valco Melton’s high-speed valves keep up with the fastest production lines of wrappers, boxes and wrap-around cartons. Dispense hot and cold adhesives with all electric technology and dot sizes down to 1mm. To learn more about what we can do for you today, contact us.