Quick Service Restaurant Carton Manufacturing

Quick Service Restaurant Cartons are often clamshell style cartons, food packaging for restaurants and are usually made with tray-forming style machines with glue deposited right before a plunger forms the tray shape. In other cases like french fry containers, the boxes can be produced on a folder gluer. Coffee sleeves are also usually folded on a simple folder gluer and sealed with hot melt.

Whether producing clamshell cartons or french fry cartons, Valco Melton’s high-speed liquid systems offer unrivaled speed and accuracy. When pattern lengths and placement are critical and speeds are high (up to 220,000 per hour) dispense valves and accessories must perform the same every day. When CartonPRO® inspection and after-market ejection equipment is included, you can ensure that every product delivered is correct. Valco Melton’s VisiPRO® quality systems stores all of your quality data in a cloud-based database for analysis, quality reports and accountability.  For more information, contact us today.