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D4, D10 & D16 Melt Units

  • Product Type:
    • Melt Units
  • Market Category:
    • Bag Manufacturing
    • Bag Manufacturing | Bag Handle Attaching
    • Bag Manufacturing | Pinch Bottom Gluing Applications
    • Bag Manufacturing | Side Seam Gluing (Tubers)
    • Folding Carton
    • Folding Carton | Auto-Lock Box Manufacturing
    • Folding Carton | Beverage Carton and Carrier Manufacturing
    • Folding Carton | Carton Manufacturing for Consumer Goods
    • Folding Carton | Cigarette Case Manufacturing
    • Folding Carton | Mailer and Pocket Folder Manufacturing
    • Folding Carton | Making Cosmetic Boxes and Personal Access Cartons
    • Folding Carton | Making Four and Six Corner Boxes
    • Folding Carton | Packaging Confectionary Goods
    • Folding Carton | Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Carton Manufacturing
    • Folding Carton | Quick Service Restaurant Carton Manufacturing
    • Print Finishing
    • Print Finishing | Joint-Glue or Side Seam Gluing for Bookbinding
    • Print Finishing | Pot-Filling for Bookbinding
    • Specialized Product Assembly | RV and Manufactured Housing
    • Woodworking
    • Woodworking | Cabinet or Furniture Assembly

Valco Melton's D Series melters are equipped with fixed or variable speed spur gear pumps, “key-to-line” control, and a multi-functional control system. The units are ideally suited for a range of packaging, graphic arts and print finishing, product assembly, labeling and other paper converting applications.

Product Specifications

  • Efficient and clean operation featuring Teflon® coated tank with demand melt heating grid.
  • Easily adaptable to variable speed applications.
  • Compatibility with industry standard hoses, guns and tank filters.
  • Compliance with major approval codes worldwide.
  • Optional integrated pattern control.