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KUBE Hot Melt Dispensing System

  • Product Type:
    • Melt Units
  • Market Category:
    • Packaging
    • Packaging | Automatic Paper Wrapping with Hot Melt
    • Packaging | Beverage Sealing Applications
    • Packaging | Case and Carton Sealing
    • Packaging | Case Erecting
    • Packaging | Corrugated Tray Making
    • Packaging | End-Load Cartoning
    • Packaging | Palletizing
    • Packaging | Sift-Proof Gluing
    • Packaging | SWF Vertical Carton Tray Forming or Conversions
    • Packaging | Wraparound Case Packing

Improve production efficiency with Valco Melton’s latest hot melt dispensing system, the Kube, the only one of its kind to feature three different machine mount configurations (panel, machine and split) to optimize adhesive dispensing performance. Designed as an enclosed system with integrated autofeeder, the Kube helps improve system operation by eliminating degradation problems and minimizing maintenance associated with gluing systems. Ideally suited for case and carton sealing applications as well as tray making, the Kube’s high-output melting grid is capable of melting up to 9-12kg/hr., and pumping more than 30kg/hr.  The system features an assortment of hot melt gun options including the ME dual acting guns, MKF Miniguns, and EcoStitch guns, which offer individualized solutions.

Product Specifications

  • Promotes adhesive stability and reduces char by only melting adhesive as needed
  • Multiple mount configurations make the KUBE suitable for new machine installations or to retrofit existing equipment
  • Fully compatible with other industry standard hoses, guns and spare parts
  • Auto Pressure Dump feature provides a safer operation
  • Equipped with a user friendly Multi-function Control panel
  • Can run up to 6 hoses/ guns
  • Manual fill option circumvents the need for shutting down the production line in case of emergency or repair