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VD-2 & VD-4

  • Product Type:
    • Micro-Processor Based Controls
  • Market Category:
    • Packaging
    • Packaging | Automatic Paper Wrapping with Hot Melt
    • Packaging | Beverage Sealing Applications
    • Packaging | Cap Attachment
    • Packaging | Cap Liner Gluing
    • Packaging | Case and Carton Sealing
    • Packaging | Case Erecting
    • Packaging | Corrugated Tray Making
    • packaging | e
    • Packaging | End-Load Cartoning
    • Packaging | Hot Melt Swirl Applications
    • Packaging | Labeling with Cold Glue
    • Packaging | Labeling with Hot Melt
    • Packaging | Palletizing
    • Packaging | Product Assembly
    • Packaging | PUR Hot Melt Application
    • Packaging | Sift-Proof Gluing
    • Packaging | Spot Glue Carton Forming for Carton Trays
    • Packaging | Spot Glue Carton Forming for Corrugated Trays
    • Packaging | Straw Attachment Application
    • Packaging | SWF Vertical Carton Tray Forming or Conversions
    • Packaging | Tape Conversions
    • Packaging | Wax Sealing for Bottle Corks
    • Packaging | Wraparound Case Packing

VD-2 and VD-4 Valve Drivers allow the operator to activate electric applicators, customize the adhesive pattern and save adhesive. Capable of working either with cold glue or hot melt electric valves, they can be configured to applicate dot or stitch mode with the simple press of a buttom. The VD-2 is a two-channel valve driver capable of firing two independent modules. The VD-4 operates in the same capacity but as a four-channel valve driver.

Product Specifications

  • Customize the adhesive pattern with "dot" and "gap" settings
  • Quick installation with plug-and-run connectors
  • Includes an "Eco Mode" witch allows recalculation and glue saving options