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CGS-40 Gate Sensor

  • Product Type:
    • Cold Glue Dispensing Equipment
    • Specialty Cold Gue Systems
    • Quality Inspection Equipment
    • Capacitance Sensors
  • Market Category:
    • Corrugated
    • Corrugated | Flexo Folder-Gluers and Box Manufacturing
    • Folding Carton
    • Folding Carton | Auto-Lock Box Manufacturing
    • Folding Carton | Carton Manufacturing for Consumer Goods
    • Folding Carton | Cigarette Case Manufacturing
    • Folding Carton | Mailer and Pocket Folder Manufacturing
    • Folding Carton | Making Cosmetic Boxes and Personal Access Cartons
    • Folding Carton | Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Carton Manufacturing

The CGS-40 Gate Sensor is equipped with a large sensor window and utilizes dual sensing plates for detection of adhesive on the top and bottom sides of the board. The CGS-40 verifies adhesive integrity for positioning, volume, and length. Due to the gate-style design and non-contact configuration, no adjustments are necessary when running top or bottom glue laps.

Product Specifications

  • No adhesive additives are necessary
  • Integrates with MCP-12/OT-12  or VCX/OT-120 Touchscreen Pattern Control Packages
  • An add-on to the FlexosealPRO System