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Hybrid Adhesive Systems

Sometimes, one type of adhesive application isn’t enough. It’s possible that your package, carton or box will be traveling through extreme temperatures– cold and hot– in one trip. To support these requirements, Valco Melton provides systems that can be used for both cold adhesive and hot melt manufacturing needs.  Hybrid Gluing Stations combine the fast bonding properties of hot melt adhesive with the strength and long-term resistance of cold glues. Because of the lower cost of cold glue adhesives, this results in reduced initial, maintenance, and energy costs. A small amount of hot melt is applied to secure the bond inmediately after application, only to give time for the cold glue to dry. Cold glue adhesive penetrates paper fibers, giving a better bond than hot melt. Not only is the bond stronger, it is not affected by heat during shipping. A better bond also means better structural integrity of the box for stronger stacking and less damaged product. For more information, contact us today.