The automotive industry relies more and more on the use of different hot melt adhesives for a variety of technical solutions for bonding materials and components.

Valco Melton supports its customers from the automotive industry with years of experience and research resulting in a wide range of application technologies.

From basic hot melt systems for manual applications to complete turnkey projects for complete coating stations, Valco Melton provides accurate adhesive and quality assurance solutions that improve customers’ processes and products supplied to automotive manufacturing.

Valco Melton services the following solutions:

  • Interior Trim – Exterior Trim
  • Door Panel Lamination
  • Sunroof – Headliner Assembly (Robotic Application)
  • Sun Visor Construction
  • Sound-deadening Applications
  • Gluing Components – Filters – Batteries – headlamp
  • High Temperature Product Assembly
  • Seat Construction
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