• System Making Quality Visible with ClearVision

    Make Quality Visible with ClearVision and Valco Melton

    Check Mark Generate Rapid ROI
    Check Mark Guarantee Zero Defect Cartons
    Check Mark Maintain Total Quality Management
    Check Mark Time Savings For Both You and Your Customer

Specialized in the design and manufacture of dispensing equipment, quality inspection systems, and coating machinery.

  • Dispense adhesives, lubricants, food ingredients, paints or inks, waxes, solvents, and other liquids with state of the art fluid dispensing systems
  • Test and control liquid applications with simple touchpad or sophisticated touchscreen pattern controllers
  • Verify and read adhesive pattern placement, color registration, UPC codes, braille, folds, register, bundles, and windows to detect unwanted quality assurance issues to prevent defective product

Founded on the Premise of Innovation, Established by Trust.


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