Valco Melton has been a close partner to the envelope industry for over 40 years. Today, we continue to build on this partnership by supplying OEMs with new technologies and providing envelope system conversion kits to upgrade legacy gumming equipment worldwide.

One of our specialties is designing high-speed side-seam gumming and quality inspection solutions for envelope manufacturing machines. Our complete system packages include the superior Model 524 Series gumming valve (featuring a long life ceramic seat and ball for up to 500 million cycles), an industry-leading shaft encoder, advanced fiber optic sensors, and the Model AS303E gum inspection sensor that verifies glue length, position, and volume by tracking the spectral moisture signature in the fine line of the gum. With this level of precision, you can be confident that your side seams are always securely sealed and fully validated.

We offer the Envelope Plus System for gumming only and the Envelope Pro System for side-seam gumming and inspection. The Pro System features an optimized HMI with industry-specific graphics on a 12-inch operator touchscreen that provides screen feedback to help verify side seam patterns. It also provides front-panel diagnostic information and envelope tracking for marking defective envelopes. The Envelope Plus system includes the industry-standard MCP-4 pattern control.

Valco Melton’s envelope conversion kits come with customized bracketry for all envelope machines and include electronic reversing piston and diaphragm pumps, fluid filters, and balance regulators. Our conversion kits make upgrading your legacy equipment a straightforward and seamless process.

Replace your legacy equipment today with modern gum valve technology and advanced pattern controls. To learn more, get in touch with our envelope specialists here.