Deliver the Perfect Box, Carton, or Package to Your End-User or Consumer, Every Time.

In combination with Valco Melton gluing systems, ClearVision has become the leader in developing and engineering vision-based inspection products for corrugated boxes, folding cartons, and package manufacturing.

ClearVision’s unique camera inspection systems have reinvented and streamlined the manufacturing process.  ClearVision camera inspection systems offer a complete quality assurance program that guarantees zero-defect boxes, saving you and your clients, money, time, and energy.  You can rest assured that each box your manufacturing system produces is perfectly specified to your client’s needs. Unlock the power you have to control the success of your end-product by learning more about ClearVision Camera Inspection Systems, today. 

Simply select the industry that most closely relates to your needs to begin learning how you can improve your bottom line now.

Immediate Benefits You Can Expect:     
  • Rapid ROI
  • Zero Defect Boxes
  • Tremendous Sales Tool
  • Competitive Advantage
  • No Downtime
  • Dedicated Customer and Service Support
  • Total Quality Management
  • Easy to Setup
  • Time Savings for both you and your Customers


Get the SupportChek Service Package to provide ClearVision personnel live (remote) access to find and help you with any issue, backups, and more. 

Remotely collect data using MeasurementChek. Connect to BoxChek to know the number of boxes, system usage, and defect rates by order.

Remotely view your production screen with MySystemChek. Whether you are in another room, another country, or on vacation, be rest-assured that you can access what you need.