Valco Melton has over 60 years of experience supplying gluing and quality assurance systems to the print finishing and graphic arts industries. Today, our product line includes dispensing systems for spine and side seam or joint gluing, paper-folding gluing, and web press softening; hot melt units for applying conventional, PUR, fugitive, and pressure-sensitive hot melts; and cold-gluing equipment for all of your print finishing machinery needs. Our system solutions feature high-performance cold glue or hot melt valves, durable applicator heads and nozzles, specific machine mount bracket kits, and proprietary control systems engineered for print finishing and graphic arts requirements.

No matter the application, we’re confident that one of our solutions can help improve your manufacturing process. If our standard solutions do not fit your current needs, we will gladly assist with building a custom solution. Contact us today to learn more.