Guarantee The Perfect Box™ with ClearVision® Technology.


ClearVision is the leader in the innovation and engineering of camera-based inspection for corrugated boxes. 

Dramatically improve your business’s manufacturing process with  ClearVision camera inspection systems.  Get “The Perfect Box” with this complete quality assurance program that guarantees zero-defect boxes, saving you and your client money, time, and energy.  You can be confident that each corrugated box that goes through your manufacturing line produces products perfectly specified to your client’s requirements. Immediately increase the value of your end-product by learning more about ClearVision Camera Inspection Systems for Corrugated Box Makers, today. 

Simply select the industry that most closely relates to your needs to begin learning how you can improve your bottom line now.

Immediate Benefits You Can Expect:     

  • Rapid ROI
  • Use as a Tremendous Sales Tool
  • Sustain a Competitive Edge
  • Ensure that your customers are getting defect-free boxes EVERY TIME
  • Maintain Total Quality Management
  • Easy to Setup
  • Time Savings for both you and your Customers


GlueChek takes a picture of every glue tab to analyze the pattern to ensure no glue problems exist.

FoldChek takes a picture of every gap,  measuring lead and trail gap, skew, flap misfold, and glue squeeze on kraft box.
BundleChek ejects any  bundle in which a defective box is found by any ClearVision camera, including GapChek.

GapChek  takes images  of the front  and back of  each corrugated  box bundle in order to  measure the  joint's folded gaps.
ScoreChek inspects each box to verify the integrity and proper orientation of the corrugator score lines.
PrintChek utilizes a series of line scan cameras to image the entire width of the Flexo-Folder-Gluer or DieCutter to collect a full size image of every fed sheet. 
CodeChek CodeChek™ detects and reads every barcode to eliminate the risk of product mix-up or unreadable codes. 

Using highspeed imaging, RegChek captures images of each and every box to measure print variation in relation to the desired value set at the beginning of the order run. 
Work with your glue system and ClearVision inspection cameras with one screen using BoxChek inspection software.

Get the SupportChek Service Package to provide ClearVision personnel live (remote) access to find and help you with any issue, backups, and more. 

Remotely collect data using MeasurementChek. Connect to BoxChek to know the number of boxes, system usage, and defect rates by order.

Remotely view your production screen with MySystemChek. Whether you are in another room, another country, or on vacation, be rest assured that you can access what you need.