On the next 15-19th May, Valco Melton will participate in Ligna show in Hannover, Germany, the leading global event for the woodworking industry. At booth A22 in Hall 17, we will show our complete range of solutions for adhesive dispensing in flat lamination and profile / panel wrapping processes. Additionally, we will present our newest edgebanding solution – ClearCut enclosed application system that replaces traditional glue roller systems.

Enclosed adhesive application systems are a type of adhesive application technology that offer several advantages over older roller systems, particularly when working with polyurethane reactive (PUR) adhesive. One of the key benefits of enclosed systems is that they prevent adhesive degradation, which is a common issue with roller systems. This means that enclosed systems are the ideal solution for working with PUR, as they ensure that the adhesive maintains its integrity and effectiveness.

Another advantage of enclosed adhesive application systems is that they provide more precise control over the amount and placement of glue on the board. By eliminating excess glue on the edges of the board, these systems can help to achieve cleaner and more consistent results. In addition, the precise control offered by enclosed systems can lead to significant reductions in glue usage, with potential savings of up to 30%.

Overall, enclosed adhesive application systems are a superior alternative to traditional roller systems for a variety of reasons. They prevent adhesive degradation, offer more precise control, and can lead to significant reductions in glue usage. These benefits make them an ideal choice for anyone looking to improve the efficiency and quality of their adhesive application processes, particularly when working with PUR.

Don’t hesitate to stop by our booth A22 in Hall 17 to learn more about this and other adhesive dispensing technologies for the woodworking, PVC, and aluminium industries.