ICE Europe exhibition was an excellent opportunity to showcase our innovative Akura Hot Melt Coating Solution. We offer converters a reliable system to achieve uniform adhesive coating across the entire web width, without the need for manual intervention. This not only ensures better product quality but also reduces the risk of production errors and waste, thus resulting in significant cost savings.

Akura Solution combines our Akura hot melt coating applicators with our Inspekt range of quality assurance tools. Our Akura applicators feature a number of independent hydraulic zones based on the requirements of each project. Each zone is fed by a gear pump, which ensures an even distribution of the adhesive across the web width. Our Weight-Inspekt grammage control system enables the average grammage of each hydraulic zone to be controlled in a closed-loop with the gear pumps. If any deviations in the adhesive grammage are detected, the system automatically adjusts the adhesive flow for the specific hydraulic zone, ensuring consistent product quality.

As a manufacturer of adhesive dispensing equipment, we take pride in providing a complete solution that covers the entire hot melt coating process, from adhesive melting and dosing, to application, web handling, and quality inspection. To meet the varying needs of different industries, we offer a selection of pre-melters, buffer tanks, and melters that cater to all melting requirements. Our applicators can be equipped with a variety of module, adhesive channel, and nozzle configuration options to accommodate virtually any adhesive coating process. Accessories and upgrade options include pressure transducers, flow meters, and pumping stations to further enhance the performance of our systems.

Our Inspekt range of quality inspection systems is designed to provide converters with the tools they need to ensure their products are defect-free. Weight-Inspekt grammage control systems measure the adhesive coat weight, independently from the substrate thickness. This in-line system controls product grammage in close-loop with the gear pumps on the applicator without stopping the line, thus preventing product waste. On the other hand, Coat-Inspekt vision inspection systems combine real-time error detection with an artificial intelligence system that automatically classifies all errors detected into pre-set categories, providing an immediate and intuitive overview of production status. This, together with the historical data stored in the system, brings our users a powerful tool for process analysis, as well as indications on defect positioning for elimination on the following step of the process (typically the slitting station).

With our comprehensive Akura Solution and LP Coating Lines, which include our Akura applicators and Inspekt range of quality inspection systems, we prioritize product traceability. Our solution provides users with a detailed report for each of the rolls produced. This report includes a roll map with the position, details, and images of every defect detected by our Coat-Inspekt vision inspection camera, a map of adhesive distribution across web width and length, and the working parameters defined in the recipe for each of the rolls produced.