QA | Vision Inspection Systems - BoxChek


GapChek takes images of the front and back of each corrugated box bundle in order to measure the manufacturer’s joint folded gaps. Two cameras are mounted over the conveyor after the counter-ejector of the Flexo-Folder-Gluer. Both cameras are fixed in height and mounted above the tallest bundle. During the order setup, both cameras are servo-positioned right or left to line up with the approximate location of the gap in the bundle. One camera images the downstream rear face of the bundle to measure trailing edge gaps while the other camera images the upstream front face of the bundle to measure leading edge gaps. A pair of lights near each camera illuminate the bundles during imaging.

Gap measurements for each box are displayed on the monitor located near an optional bundle-ejection unit and boxes with gaps outside of tolerance are highlighted on the screen for removal. The optional bundle ejection system removes bundles with defective gaps from the production line. An operator is then able to sort the defects out of the ejected bundle.


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