Textile Industry Solutions

Textile industry applications require a variety of adhesive types, including PSA, PUR, EVA or PO, and TPUs. Valco Melton offers melting and dosing systems that adapt to the specific features of each of these adhesives.

SmartDrum unloaders provide excellent performance as pre-melters when working with adhesives delivered in 200L drums. SmartMelt units are optimal buffer tanks for thermal stabilization and optimal dosing control in PSA applications. And in PUR applications, Isomelt units are ideal for preserving adhesive properties and preventing degradation during the melting process.

For adhesives such as TPUs and EVA or PO, the MEX extruder series provides both efficiency and versatility, able to directly supply the coating head or to serve as a pre-melting system for a SmartMelt buffer tank.

Some of our typical adhesive application processes in the textile industry include roller coatings, spray coatings with FlexSpray™ applicators, or contact coatings with Endurance series applicators. We are also adept at creating custom solutions for unique customer requirements. To learn more, please contact us here.

Hot Melt Application over Textiles