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Rotating Bar Applicators ConvertCoatRotating bar technology for streak-free hot melt coatings

Valco Melton’s ConvertCoat Applicators with rotating bar technology offer reliable coat weight control and streak-free finish, making them ideal for clear to clear applications, transparent labels, adhesive tapes and flexible packaging.

Key highlights of ConvertCoat applicators include:

· Guarantee Streak-Free Application. Servo-driven nozzle bar runs in the same direction as the product to create a uniform, streak-free, coating of adhesive across the full substrate width.

· Self-Cleaning System. Rotating bar technology prevents even the smallest contaminants from becoming trapped between the die and the substrate, eliminating the potential risk of damage to the coating surface.

· Apply low add-on rates. Coating weight can be controlled as low as 10 gsm with variation accross the product within 5%.

· Achieve an homogeneous adhesive output. A specially designed flow gallery is engineered inside the coating die for an even adhesive distribution.

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