Melt Units


EcoStitch MeltersThe new EcoStitch series melters are the most intelligent, versatile, technologically advanced adhesive melters ever created and include ethernet IP integration, digital pressure control, adhesive usage data available on screen, and full OEM integration with all digital-based data.

Included Innovative Features:

Digital Closed Loop Pressure Control

Now you can digitally monitor, adjust, and have built-in “key to line” adhesive pressure control.  The EcoStitch melter allows you to set your adhesive pressure based on line speed without adding additional components, encoders, and peripheral equipment.

Adhesive Usage Data

When in use, all EcoStitch units monitor and measure the amount of hot melt adhesive being pumped through the system utilizing either an existing input trigger or an additional photo-eye. The EcoStitch melter not only calculates adhesive usage per day, hour, or year but will actually show you on screen the average adhesive grams applied per product.

Ethernet IP Communication System 

This feature allows you to fully integrate the EcoStitch melter into your existing PLC and be visible/accessible through your existing HMI.  Now you can fully control your melting system, and pumping system and adjust pressure with this integrated solution.

All Electric Gear Pump

EcoStitch series melters do not require compressed air. They use precision gear pumps for continuous and reliable delivery of hot melt through the hoses and applicators to the product. There are 4 pump size options available that fit any application requirement.

Rear Facing Hot Melt Exit Manifold

This new feature allows you to easily replace your existing melter without the worry of rerouting hoses or connections.

Eight Possible Hose/Gun Connections

EcoStitch melters come with the ability to run up to 8 hoses and applicators making it one of the most versatile machines in the industry.

Auto Feed Systems

Every EcoStitch melter has an optional auto feed system for direct feeding of hot melt material into the adhesive reservoir.

480 VAC Transformer base

Our universal transformer base can be easily added to any EcoStitch melter and because it’s a 7KVA capable, there is no need to worry about having a custom melter as with other manufacturers.  One size fits all.

Easy Mounting

EcoStitch melters have a configured base to retrofit any existing melter bolt platform.

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