D4, D10 & D16 MELT UNITS

Gear Pump Hot Melt Units

Valco Melton’s D4, D10 and D16 Series Units are ideal for packaging, graphic/print finishing, product assembly, labeling and various paper converting applications. All D Series units feature an LED display, spur gear pump with fixed or variable speed, “key-to-line” control, and a multi-functional control system. Other options include an integrated glue pattern control, line speed pressure control and integrated auto-feed systems.

Get these immediate benefits:

• Efficient and clean operation featuring Tefloncoated tank with demand melt heating grid

• Achieve uniform output pressure to match line speed with built-in pressure run-up control

• Reduce dynamic seals and wear-components with the all electric gear pump and motor

• Easy-to-connect HMI communication through the melter interface I/O’s

• Avoid compatibility problems with Valco Melton’s industry standard hoses, guns and tank filters

• Complies with major approval codes worldwide

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