All-Electric Melt On Demand Solution for the Food & Beverage Industry

Improve production efficiency by eliminating adhesive degradation problems with the New eKube, an all-electric, enclosed system with integrated auto feed that keeps out dirt and debris. This system features three different mount configurations and is fully compatible with other industry standard equipment, making it easy to retrofit into existing packaging lines.

When used in combination with the EcoStitch™ all-electric hot melt applicator, packagers can benefit from additional savings including a reduction of up to 75% in adhesive usage, as well as the elimination of maintenance stops caused by pneumatic elements.


  •  • Guarantee a constant, pulse-free adhesive flow with the electric-driven gear pump, designed to operate at peak performance with virtually no maintenance throughout the melter’s life cycle
  • • Promote adhesive stability and reduce char by only melting adhesive as needed
  • • Eliminate plugged nozzles with the integrated auto feed that keeps out dirt and debris
  • • Customizable installation with multiple mount configurations (panel, machine and split), which easily allows for the system to be retrofitted into an existing line, as well as new machine installs
  • • Promote a safer working environment by eliminating pressure when the machine is open with the Auto Pressure Dump feature


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