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Valco Melton’s new MITO Applicators are engineered to allow simultaneous application of different adhesive patterns on the same substrate with only one applicator head. MITO Applicators are available in metering and pressure-fed configurations with width ranges from 25mm to 1600mm.

• Each module is metered independently every 25mm with a high precision gear pump for different flow, pressure and grammage (coat-weight) configurations. This ensures an even cross-web adhesive distribution with immediate hydraulic response and reduces waste during machine ramp-up.

• All MITO Series Applicators feature one resettable pressure relief valve per module. This allows the user to select each module into recirculating mode, minimizing adhesive degradation.

• The same applicator can perform spray, slot, multi-swirl, random fibers, strand coat or any simultaneous combination of these options, depending on your application’s requirements.

• Pump capacity can be configured every 25mm.

• Pumps can be changed easily for quick changeovers.

MITO Multi Pattern Applicator
MITO Multi Pattern Applicator
MITO Multi Pattern Applicator
MITO Multi Pattern Applicator

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