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Continuous, Intermittent, or Rotating Bar Hot Melt Coatings

Upgrade your coating line to include hot melt capabilities, either as an integrated unit or as a fully mobile accessory with Valco Melton’s ProCoat Stations. From the smallest label widths to master roll widths up to 1100 mm, or from continuous adhesive coatings to high speed intermittent applications and window frame patterns, this range of coating stations can be customized to fit your specific requirements.

Key highlights of ProCoat Stations include:

  • • ProCoat stations are suitable for working with FlexCoat, Akura PF, or Akura M hot melt applicators
  • • All ProCoat Stations come complete with two robust side plates that house the applicator, the mount assembly, and a precision Hypalon or chromed back-up roller
  • • Motor control for back-up roll can be programmed based on line speed or by keeping the programmed substrate tension
  • • Control and programing tasks are centralized in an intuitive PLC touch-screen that can be installed anywhere on the main machine. When working with Valco Melton’s SmartMelt Series, the adhesive melter can also be controlled from the PLC.

ProCoat Station
ProCoat Station
ProCoat Station

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