Cold Glue

Cold Glues are water-based solutions. The adhesive solids are dissolved in water, usually by cooking. A bond is formed when almost all of the water is lost via penetration or absorption into substrates. To create a solid bond, it requires 2 absorbent surfaces. There are three main types of cold glue adhesives: 

1. Starch– A white/off-white opaque solution, usually low in solids
2. Dextrine– Depolymerized starches, usually tan to dark brown in color (pyrolysis), which enhance solubility, increase wet tack, lower viscosity and/or increase solids, and improve solution viscosity stability.
3. Polyvinyl Alcohol solutions (PVOH)– A synthetic water soluble adhesive or intermediate, Translucent. The dry film it leaves can be water sensitive or water resistant.


  • Excellent penetration
  • Excellent wet tack and tack range
  • Excellent final adhesion to regular stocks
  • Excellent heat and cold resistance
  • Easy to clean up with excellent machining characteristics
  • Storage conditions not critical – freeze/thaw stable
  • Low price per wet pound – raw material related


  • Slow setting speed 
  • Poor adhesion to difficult surface
  • Caution required when diluting
  • Must be protected from bacterial and fungal attack

Deciding on the right adhesive is necessary for correct application. For assistance, contact us today.