Hot Melt

Hot Melts are 100% non-volatile thermoplastic materials, solid at room temperature, melted to the application temperature desired, and applied in the molten state. A bond formation is obtained by cooling the substance to solidify after the wetting and penetration of both surfaces. Packaging and converting grade products are based on EVA. Hot Melts are formulated to provide desired adhesion, speed of set, open time/bonding range, and heat and/or cold resistance properties. Use of the highest quality raw materials with formulation compatibility yield excellent thermal stability and consistency of application and performance. 


  • Fast set speeds – high through put
  • Adhesion to difficult or non-porous surfaces, wax coatings, poly-laminated stocks, plastics, etc.
  • Water resistant    
  • Excellent glue line control 
  • No special storage conditions
  • Gap filling (100% solids)


  • Temperature sensitivity 
  • Special equipment requirements — correct settings/adjustments is critical to performance
  • Low penetration
  • Limited toughness

Selecting the right adhesive type for your application is important.  To learn more, contact us today.