Inspekt | Quality Assurance for Coating Processes

Valco Melton’s Inspekt range of quality assurance systems provides full process reporting for your coating processes.

Our Inspekt range of quality inspection systems is designed to provide converters with the tools they need to ensure their products are defect-free.

Weight-Inspekt grammage control systems measure the adhesive coat weight, independently from the substrate thickness. This in-line system controls product grammage in close-loop with the gear pumps on the applicator without stopping the line, thus preventing product waste.

On the other hand, Coat-Inspekt vision inspection systems combines real-time error detection with an artificial intelligence system that automatically classifies all errors detected into pre-set categories, providing an immediate and intuitive overview of production status. This, together with the historical data stored in the system, brings our users a powerful tool for process analysis, as well as indications on defect positioning for elimination on the following step of the process.