Bottom-Up Glue Station

Valco Melton’s high-speed bottom-up glue station replaces traditional side-seam glue pots. Unlike these messy and labor-intensive glue pots, our system provides precise, operator-friendly glue application without any adhesive slinging. With a Valco Melton glue station, your operators will no longer need to clean up adhesive messes or perform constant adjustment and pot-filling.

Our glue stations can be installed on any folder-gluer and feature all-electric high-speed precision glue valves. This superior technology reduces adhesive usage and enhances both product quality and production flexibility by allowing operators to apply precise glue patterns at all machine speeds and with a wider range of adhesives. Glue detection capabilities are also available for additional quality assurance.

  • Can be installed on any folder gluer
  • All-electric high-speed precision glue valve
  • Reduces adhesive usage
  • Eliminates maintenance and cleaning associated with glue pot
  • Enhances machine performance and production versatility
  • Glue detection available