Ejection, Kicking, and Marking

For accessories and support components to complement quality assurance systems, Valco Melton offers linear and rotary product ejectors, a product kicker, UV marking systems and UV lamps. All designed to remove or mark defective product from the line before shipping to your customer.

Rotary Ejector and Linear Ejector PhotoValco Melton offers high-speed linear and rotary ejector systems that will remove defective product before it can be processed. 

Kicker by Valco MeltonThe Valco Melton Kicker is ideally suited for batch counting and reject kicking applications. The kicker offers a fast cycle time for smaller cartons and compact design for flexible mounting requirements. 

• Single kick eject

• Dual kick and count eject optional

Marking Valve by Valco Melton• Compact system package provides identification of faulty product

• Stainless steel tank

• All-electric, jetting or spray valve options

• Optional UV lamp kit