Glue and Fold Softening for Web Presses

Since 1988, Valco Melton has been supplying RoBondPRO™ fine-line gluing and fold-softening systems to printers and press manufacturers.

The entire RoBondPRO system can be operated from an intuitive graphical interface on a centrally-located touchscreen. The RoBondPRO allows for motorized positioning of dispensing valves across the web. Valve positioning to the web is servo-adjustable to 0.1mm (0.004”) accuracy.

As speeds change, our pressure regulators automatically adjust the amount of fluid that is applied to the web. Since application pressure is synchronized with press speed, finished product can be glued or softened seamlessly from set-up to full production speeds.

RoBondPRO also features an automatically-dosed fold-softening solution, eliminating any issues with cracking and brittle paper at the fold. This has the added benefit of reducing spine bulk, allowing for flatter bundles which, in turn, improve stacking, stitching, and stapling operations.