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ClearCut Hot Melt guns for Edgebanding with Manual Width RegulationClearCut Hot Melt Guns for edge banding and wood sealing processes by Valco Melton are designed for intermittent applications. These enclosed adhesive application systems prevent adhesive degradation associated with previously existing roller systems, which makes them the ideal solution for working with PUR. By controlling the exact amount and placement of the adhesive on the board, the excess glue commonly found on the board edges when using roller systems is eliminated. Improve the performance achieved by installing the ClearCut Hot Melt Edgebanding Applicator for a consistent and flawless end-product, minimizing material and adhesive waste by up to 30%, thus improving your operations’ environmental footprint.

With ClearCut™ Hot Melt Applicators, you will get:

Precise and consistent adhesive application. MI III modules ensure a sharp cut-off, even when working at the highest speeds, avoiding glue excess on board edges. An integrated bracket technology absorbs the board impact during production for a homogeneous adhesive coating and increased gun durability;
Easier cleaning and maintenance. Simplified design for easy access and disassembly, ClearCut guns allow faster PUR cleaning and shim replacements;
Reduce adhesive usage by up to 30%. The precision and consistency achieved in the application results in a flawless end product, minimizing material and adhesive waste, thus improving the environmental footprint.

Compact and Flexible Footprint Design Options

ClearCut Applicators come with the following options:

  • Adjustable width up to 60mm
  • Suitable for a range of hot melts, including reactive adhesives such as PUR.
  • Manual or motorized width regulation options are available
  • Dual orientation to ensure production versatility

Three format options of the ClearCut Hot Melt Gun for edgebanding are available to fit in almost any edgebander: ClearCut Standard, Slim, or Zero. The application may be done on the edge directly, by incorporating a specially designed bracket. Manual or motorized width adjustment options are available on each version.  ClearCut Slim’s module positioning reduces the overall applicator dimensions, whereas the ClearCut Zero adhesive nozzle is placed at the front of the applicator instead of the side. Get started with pricing by contacting us today!

ClearCut Hot Melt Guns for Edge Banding
ClearCut Hot Melt Guns for Edge Banding
ClearCut Hot Melt Guns for Edge Banding

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