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PUR Adhesive melters

Valco Melton’s IsoMelt Mini and D4 PUR Series have been specifically designed to process reactive hot melts such as PUR. The tank can accommodate 2kg PUR standard slugs and work with up to 4 liters of adhesive. All units feature a fully integrated multi-functional controller that is accessible from a user-friendly screen, allowing for fast and easy configuration changes and providing ‘key-to-line’ capabilities.

D4 PUR Series Features

• Ideal for edge-banding, post-forming, bookbinding, product assembly and clear packaging.

• No cleaning is required, which eliminates the need for weekend shutdown.

• Swiveling tank lid allows for faster changes of PUR slugs, minimizing downtime.

D4-PUR Series
D4-PUR Series
D4-PUR Series

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