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Hot melt coating applicators with interchangeable nozzles

Bring in total flexibility to your coating process with Endurance Series applicators. Featuring interchangeable nozzles, you can easily transform your applicator from fixed to adjustable width, and switch from continuous to off-roll applications.

Key highlights of Endurance Series applicators include:

  • • Adapt to your line requirements. Endurance Series includes EP fixed width version and EA adjustable width version that can feature manual, motorized, or automatic width regulation systems.
  • • Achieve a homogeneous application throughout the whole coating width for any grammage. All applicators include a fine-tune regulation system to accurately adapt the nozzle to the surface of the back up roll.
  • • Continuous and off-roll nozzle options available.
  • • Coating widths up to 2200mm.
  • • Upgrade options available include pressure transducers, flow metering systems and pumping stations.

Endurance Series
Endurance Series
Endurance Series
Endurance Series

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