Cold Glue Pumps


The EPP-9 is an air-powered piston pump. The EPP-9 features an electronically controlled reversing device for fast, reliable pulse-free operation. Suited for use with adhesives and similar fluids, the EPP-9 piston pump offers an output ratio of 9:1, with a minimum air pressure of 20 psi and a maximum air pressure of 100 psi.

Higher Volume Output

The all-new EPP9 features two times the adhesive volume per cycle as its predecessor, the EPP6. This updated technology requires fewer cycles, which results in a longer lasting pump.

Higher Output Pressure

The EPP9 is ideal for increased speeds and higher viscosity application.

Unique Intelligent Slow Mode

The unique intelligent SLOW MODE feature eliminates high cycle rates that can occur during priming, or when adhesive supply is blocked or depleted (dry cycling). If pump cycle rate becomes too high the incoming air is automatically restricted which slows the pump to a manageable cycle rate. The SLOW MODE prevents excessive wear or damage to shaft seals.

Seal Cartridge – Floating Shaft Design

The EPP9 was designed with a floating shaft, which allows for fast and easy repairs in the field without the need for any special tools.

Modular Quick Clamp Air Connect

The new dovetail cutout on the EPP9 allows for the use of a Quick Clamp to attach the air regulator, making installation and removal of the air regulator easy.

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