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FlexDrum Drum UnloadersFlexDrum Drum Unloaders help you achieve melting rates that exceed other industry standards by up to 30%.  These Hot Melt Drum Unloaders are designed to work with any type of adhesive delivered in 200-liter drums.

Adhesive holding tanks usually melt all of the adhesives beforehand but then remain in the tank. If the glue is not used immediately, it can begin to break down because of exposure to oxygen. If the glue does not remain soft while being held in the tank, it causes charring. Charred hot adhesive means increased waste from the product that must be thrown out and more downtime to remove the char. Drum unloaders can be used without tanks to prevent this from occurring by connecting it directly to the line. (Bostik)

Improve Melting Capacity. With finned or flat paten options available, FlexDrum hot melt drum unloaders adapt to the various adhesive types and

melting rate requirements of multiple industries.  All platens are Teflon® coated and include cast-in heaters.

Get Optional Safety Features to include a vent hood for easy connection with the ventilation tube, as well as a platen protection system to shield operators from entrapments.

Achieve Faster Drum Changes. A new drum fastening system facilitates drum changes for the operators, ensuring the new drum will always be accurately placed in the correct working position.

Operate in Tandem Mode.  Working in tandem eliminates downtime associated with drum changes. The FlexDrum Series Unloader works in tandem by simply connecting the two unloaders with an Ethernet cable. No additional equipment or accessories are needed.

Additional features of the FlexDrum™ Drum Unloader include:

• Main machine communication protocols Modbus TCP and Ethernet
• Integrated grammage control for a precise and uniform application, accessible from an intuitive touchscreen panel
• Also includes width regulation for our FlexWrap Series Adjustable Width Applicators

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