Stop at booth S3483 to see the new Valco Melton Multifeed at PackExpo 2022 in Chicago!

CINCINNATI, OH – For the last 70 years, Valco Melton has strived to remain a leader and innovator in the adhesive application and quality assurance industry. This year, come to booth S3483 at PackExpo, in Chicago October 23-26th to see the latest addition to Valco Melton’s auto-feed line of products. The Multifeed has been designed to supply more of your melters, with more adhesive for a longer period of time, all without incurring additional labor costs.

Valco Melton’s Multifeed has been designed with efficiency in mind, able to deliver adhesive to up to 4 units and up to 50-feet away. The adhesive is housed and delivered via a central bin that holds up to 250lbs (114kg), keeping operators safe and away from hot surfaces. The Multifeed’s control system prioritizes the most at-need melt tank and only fills one melter at a time, reducing overall air consumption. It is compatible with existing Valco Melton melt systems and can be adapted to several systems from other manufacturers.

The adhesive level in the melting unit is detected by a capacitive level sensor on the inside of the tank. When more adhesive is needed, the melter sends a signal to the Multifeed control to begin the filling sequence. A venturi system then delivers the adhesive to the melting tank, eliminating outside contamination during the transfer process. Many different adhesives such as pellet, slat, and mini slat are all compatible with the Valco Melton Multifeed.

Valco Melton’s Multifeed system automatically delivers adhesive to up to four connected hot melt units to avoid any loss of time or additional labor costs associated with typical manual refilling operations. The auto-feed system also offers increased operator safety by removing any direct contact with the hot melt unit during the refill process. In addition to safety, the Multifeed also eliminates waste due to spillage or contamination while increasing time efficiency on the production floor.

About Valco Melton:  

Established in 1952, Valco Melton is one of the world’s leading suppliers of adhesive dispensing systems and quality assurance equipment across a variety of industries, including packaging, paper converting, and graphic arts. Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, with research and manufacturing facilities throughout the USA, Canada, Europe, and India, and a dedicated network of direct sales and distributors worldwide, Valco Melton offers world-class adhesive dispensing &quality assurance system solutions to customers in over 96 countries across the globe.