Valco Melton’s new technical development brings important savings and efficiency to your disposal product lines.

Valco Melton’s perfume solution allows customers who currently spray or atomize perfume into their products to migrate to a much more cost-efficient and eco-friendly dispensing technology, while ensuring a safer working environment for machine operators.

Perfume has traditionally been used on diapers and sanitary towels to mask the odor of adhesives and raw materials. But these sprayed liquids release particles in the air, causing unnecessary perfume waste and creating a potential health hazard. Operators might suffer from itchy eyes, dizziness and further hazards caused by the irritating substances atomized.

Valco Melton has engineered a perfume solution that applies precise perfume dots on each and every product, keeping the air free from atomized substances. Perfume drop application brings up to 60% in perfume savings, with ROI’s as low as 3 months being frequently achieved.

In traditional spraying systems, the dispensed perfume is usually mixed with Perfumer’s Alcohol which contains Ethanol, a psychoactive controlled substance, that requires legal bureaucracy to be manipulated. In other occasions water is used as the perfume carrier which also has a negative impact in the machine and the manufactured absorbent product. With Valco Melton’s system, drops as small as 1mg per product can be applied, allowing users to work with the perfume concentrate directly, without need to mix it with highly flammable liquids or oxidizing agents like water.

Perfume drops also improve the product quality: the drop is precisely placed onto the substrate allowing the manufacturer to select a precise location in order to reduce perfume interference with the product and the end user.

Traditional systems feature metallic parts inside the dispensing system and valves, resulting in higher maintenance and operational costs. Valco Melton’s valve’s key components are made of ceramic & stainless steel and there are not dynamic seals. They are long-lasting and require less maintenance.

For additional information, check our Perfume Dosing Systems Presentation.