Vision Inspection & Quality Assurance

ClearVision camera systems are the most respected brand of quality assurance systems in the box making sector. In addition to providing enhanced glue pattern inspection (GlueChek™), our inspection systems also offer specific packages for other box making requirements. Commonly used packages in this sector include CodeChek™, ScoreChek™, FoldChek™, GapChek™, BundleChek™, RegChek™, and Full Sheet PrintChek™.

ClearVision systems ensure that every box is perfect before it is sent to your customer, increasing customer retention and reducing in-plant waste. They also provide you with valuable tools for improving production consistency. Through their advanced monitoring and data-gathering capabilities, ClearVision systems offer an unprecedented level of oversight over your production line. With this oversight, you are empowered to expediently identify and resolve any issues causing faulty product, thereby preventing future errors from occuring.